Statewide Forms? Not so fast.

by virginia on February 15, 2011

To try to help people out, the Supreme Court of Ohio has amended the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure to include some domestic relations forms that can be used in any county in the State of Ohio.  At last!  Things are getting easier for the average Joe, right?  Not so much.  While every county is required to accept the Supreme Court’s forms (a link to that form and many other forms can be found at  For temporary orders, the temporary orders forms can be used for temporary orders in divorce in legal separation cases.  HOWEVER, and this is a big HOWEVER, the county can still require you to submit their own local form in ADDITION to the Supreme Court’s forms.  Even worse, some counties are amending their local rules to require both.  Keep in mind, these forms still do not take the place of narrative affidavits which are not required, but are a good idea.  You can also find the forms here: Appendix of Forms to Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure.  For more information on Family Law in Ohio, check out our main website.

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